All code to the Wiidiaplayer can be found on Google code , and has a L-GPLv3 license (except for some parts that were created by other open source projects, and therefore have their respective licenses; See the source files for further information.  If you would like to contribute to the project, please let me know!

The dependencies for the server-part (except for the OS), are python, twisted & twisted-web, mplayer (for real-time conversion of video files) and ffmpeg (for real-time conversion of audio files).  Some codecs used in those packages may not be open source.

The  whole project has been developed using open source and free software, except for the pydev extensions. The server was developed on Gentoo Linux, eclipse + pydev + pydev extentions. The flash file was developed using eclipse, MTASC (incl eclipse extensions), swfmill.


3 Responses to “Yes, it is open source”

  1. jflo Says:

    Right on man! I was just doing this this weekend in ajax when I discovered MTASC. I’m having some problems with the Sound package on the wii for starters… even the most basic flash movie that loads an mp3 off the same server as the swf fails.

    Anyhoo, I’m emerging twisted-web now, and I’ll be trying out your stuff this weekend. Any interest in a daapd bridge for talking to an iTunes library? I’d be willing to tackle this if you think it’d be appropriate for the project.

  2. wiidiaplayer Says:

    I did have some problems embedding mp3’s in my swf file, but I guess that’s an issue with swfmill. Streaming mp3’s was not an issue at all as I recall (although wiidiaplayer only streams flv-files, either with or without video stream. That is because I can then share the code between playing music and video (for some strange reason Flash has that separated, although Adobe now moves towards bringing it together again in their latest Flash Player.).

    There are two pitfalls: First, make sure that your code works on your PC with flash player 7 installed. Although flash is supposed to be backwards compatible, there is a small difference in the Garbage Collector between flash 7 and flash7 code ran by flash9 player:

    function main(): Void {
    myPlayer = new Player();

    Will work fine in flash9, however in flash7 player, the garbage collector decides that the myPlayer variable went out of scope, and cleans it, even though it might still be doing something usefull (e.g. playing your mp3 file).

    The second is to always check the apache log file: Sometimes (I haven’t quite figured out when exactly), Flash wants the crossdomain.xml file, even when the swf and the mp3 are on the same server.

    Hope this helps!

    A daapd bridge sounds interesting, although at this moment the display-side only displays things that behave like traditional directories; I would imagine though that something can be worked out to make an itunes library behave that way….

  3. […] an open-source ActionScript 2.0 compiler written in OCaml and plays back RTMP streams. Wiidiaplayer is open source and that source is on Google Code. My initial tests haven’t been that successful, but […]

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