Experiences so far

November 26, 2007

It has been some time since I last sent some info on the Wiidiaplayer to the outside world. Mainly this is, as I mentioned in my other blog, because it works! For months I’ve been watching my videos through the wiidiaplayer, with hardly any problems. Some small bugs do exist, but at this moment, at least for me, it works!

The bugs I was talking about are twofold:

  • Sometimes (actually, quite often) playback stops a few seconds into the movie. This is only the first time I play the movie, as soon as I restart it, it plays fine. It seems to be an issue with the encoding, and possibly a race condition (which would explain it working the second time, as the file is already in the linux buffer). Still need some work to figure this out
  • It seems that the AMF library has a problem decoding the response after a long pause. Say, for instance, that one would start playing a movie, press pause, and continue the movie some hours later, a python exception is raised and the connection dies. Since the AMF library is still an alpha release, some problems were to be expected, and I should probably try and locate the problem, fix it and merge the fix upstream

Still, seeing how I played many videos through this system (recapping, I would think at least a couple of hundreds of hours worth in the last couple of months), and had no other problems than the ones mentioned, I would say the system is pretty stable.

In the last months I have been contacted and been in contact with several individuals who like to use some of my code, had some questions on it, just wanted to let me know they liked the product, etc. I had never realised, starting the project, how much I would enjoy getting such feedback; the only problem is that, getting all this feedback, makes me wonder how many more people are using the product (perhaps for months as well without a problem) and not given me any feedback. If you create a commercial program, you have sales-figures to tell you how many people are interested; not sure how freeware programmers get that data (an idea would be to have the software send back anonymous user statistics, e.g. how many movies played since startup, but I think not everyone would like that. If anyone has suggestions on how to get such usage numbers, I would like to hear it!

Anyway, some people have contributed some on the code, others have just been looking through it real quickly; still most communication was between me and one other person. In the spirit of opening up, obviously, it would prbably be best to stop using this blog as the official communication platform, and start using google groups:


I might still use this blog for my occasional thoughts on the project and otherfacts of life 🙂