Curse of the programmer 2

August 28, 2007

I wrote part 1 of this series some time ago, in Dutch. In that part, I talked about the social issues that flowed from programming, now I’ll tackle the issue from a different standpoint.

Many ICT projects miss deadlines, and in the entertainment market, these are more often than not the most anticipated projects. (long ago: ) Black & White, (recently: ) GTA IV, (for some time now: ) Spore, (soon: Wiidiaplayer ? 🙂 ).

At least with the Wiidiaplayer, I can pretty much pinpoint where the problem lies: I like the product. By now the Wiidiaplayer works well enough, for me… There still is a list of things I need to do before I honestly want to show it to anyone else:

  • Deamonize
  • Run as non-root
  • Fix layout

But, again, it works for me. When I get home now, I decide to do some “bug testing” on the Wiidiaplayer, do I grab my Wiimote and switch on the latest Simpsons episode. “Disappointed” that I didn’t find any bugs, I decide to watch something else.

So I wonder, is this the way all these projects go? I imagine Sid Meier going to the office in the morning, and just playing Spores with his friends on the company network all day long.

Then again: I suppose that as soon as you find yourself with this sort of a problem, you know you have a good product!